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Efficient Systems - Clean Air

Air Purification - Our worldwide mission

CTP is one of the world's leading companies in industrial air pollution control.

CTP's technology has proven itself in hundreds of applications for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous and toxic air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide. CTP's systems are customized and optimized in cleaning efficiency and in cost effectiveness.

New management structure

Michael Klimisch was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CTP. At the same time, CTP newly created the position of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), which is held by Robert Kobierski.
Together, Mr. Klimisch and Mr. Kobierski will succeed Heimo Thalhammer and Johannes Schedler as managing directors of the company. Mr. Thalhammer and Mr. Schedler will continue to support CTP as consultants and members of an Advisory Board

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Offices, Partners, Subsidiaries

CTP's network of affiliates across all 5 continents provides efficient, permanent and rapid sales and service all over the world.

Design your system

CTP's online calculator which computes the optimal system for our customers.

Individual and Integrated

CTP develops customised solutions for a large variety of production processes.