Find the right CTP system

Based on your data entry, CTP's configurator selects suitable CTP air pollution control systems. It also computes the expected energy consumption.

You can customise the different CTP air pollution control systems by choosing additional features.

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Flow Rate

The flow rate is an important factor for determining the size of the system.

Please enter the estimated flow rate of the waste gas from your emission source. You can choose from the following units: Nm³/h, kg/h and SCFM. Your entry must be in between 1,000 and 300,000 Nm³/h. If your flow rate is higher, please contact us for an individual solution.



The entry temperature can influence the system choice as well as the operating costs.

Please enter the temperature of the waste gas at the air pollution control system inlet. Your entry must be between 0˚ C (32˚ F) and 300˚ C (570˚ F).  


Your main pollutant determines the system choice.

Please choose the most significant organic pollutant in your production process. If you cannot find it in the menu, select a similar pollutant from the same chemical group or choose the option 'Standard pollutant'. The option 'Standard pollutant' is the equivalent of nearly all known organic hydrocarbons.
If you have more than one main pollutant, please contact us for an individual solution.


Either a surplus of energy or a need for additional energy can arise, according to the concentration of the pollutant.

Please enter the expected concentration of your main pollutant. You can choose from the following units: mg/Nm³ or kg/h.

As CTP's configurator is made for conventional applications, your entry must be between 0 and a maximum of 15,000 mg/Nm³. If the concentration of your main pollutant is higher, please contact us for an individual solution.

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