Project management

Project management as envisaged by CTP means the handling of a job from planning through to commissioning the system.

The most important services carried out by our project team are:

  • Detailed engineering based on the specifications of the customer contract
  • Site inspection and foundation drawings
  • Fine-tuning of P&I diagrams and layout drawing
  • Detail and construction drawings
  • Electrical drawings and wiring diagrams
  • Control engineering and programming
  • Procurement and manufacturing instructions
  • Supervision and quality control
  • Packaging planning and logistics
  • Supervision and monitoring of the mechanical and electrical installation
  • Inspection and dry tests
  • Start-up with fresh air (testing of components)
  • Start-up of the air purification system and the ventilation system
  • Training and education in class of the customer's operating staff
  • System tuning in accordance with the real operational parameters
  • Documentation and operation manual

In addition, after commissioning the system, the project team assists our customers during the entire warranty period.