Fixed Bed Adsorption - VOXsorbTherm

  • Especially for discontinous waste gas streams
  • Energy efficient
  • Small footprint
  • Quick installation

The VOXsorbTherm system has been developed especially for very lowly contaminated (VOC concentration < 100 mgVOC/Nm³) and periodically occuring waste gas streams. This adsorption system stands out due to an efficient non-simultaneous combination of pollutant separation and removal.

Features of the fixed bed adsorber:

  • Highest cleaning efficiency during adsorption for large volumes
  • Highest cleaning efficiency during desorption for small volumes (depending on the thermal system)
  • Use of different adsorbents
  • Small pressure drop during adsorption
  • Possible combination with RecuKat or VOXcube
  • Lowest operating costs during adsorption and regeneration

Available options:

  • Continuous adsorption through enhancement with adsorption modules
  • Oxygen adjustment during desorption