Rotary Adsorber - RotorSorb

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Recirculation of the desorption gas (patented)
  • No concentration peaks

Rotary adsorbers based on the principle of adsorption are CTP's solution for continuous air pollution control at room temperature. The RotorSorb achieves an optimal cleaning efficiency of organic pollutants.

Features of the rotary adsorber:

  • High cleaning efficiency (> 97 %)
  • Regenerative rotary concentrators for high boilers (bake-out-capable or washable)
  • Low pressure drop (5 to 8 mbar)
  • Highest concentration factors by recycled desorption air (recirculation)
  • Lowest operating costs in combination with RTO
  • Hot gas recovery for desorption
  • Prevention of pressure fluctuations

Available options:

  • Different zeolites in one wheel
  • Preheating of the desorption air with mixers or heat exchangers
  • Aerosol precipitator
  • Dust collector
  • Washing device
  • LEL safeguard
RotorSorb - Cleaning with adsorption
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