Direct Thermal Oxidation - MultiTherm

  • Specially designed CTP nozzle for fuel injection
  • Special burners (e.g. oxygen, LowNOx, solvents, tar)
  • High operating efficiency

The MultiTherm safely removes highly contaminated, i.e. halogenous, waste gas streams and liquid waste as well as wastewaters especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry. CTP‘s MultiTherm is a combined process in air purification. It consists essentially of a thermal oxidation and one or more upstream or downstream processes fitted to the application. These comprise, among others, heat recovery, wet scrubbing and DeNOx.

Features of the TO:

  • Highest cleaning efficiency (99,9 %)
  • Control concept optimized in operating costs
  • Efficient multifuel burners
  • Homogenic flame image
  • Turbulent fume gas circulation
  • Flexible combustion chamber design
  • Sophisticated safety technology

Available options:

  • Safety technology (static dry or wet flame arresters, dynamic flash-back protection)
  • SNCR
  • Heat recovery
  • Quench/Scrubber
  • SCR/De-dioxin removal