Recuperative Catalytic Oxidation RecuKAT

  • Lowest energy cost
  • CTP oxidation catalyst
  • No formation of NOx (low temperature oxidation)

For high cleaning efficiency, the RecuKAT's attractive economic performance is due to the low reaction temperature of the CTP oxidation catalysts. CTP can refer to 25 years of experience with catalysts in industrial applications.
The RecuKAT as an air cleaning system is suitable for small to medium gas flows with high concentrations.

Features of the CO:

  • Highest cleaning efficiency (> 99.9 %), also for short-chained hydrocarbons
  • Plate or bundled tube heat exchangers
  • Low reaction temperature
  • Selective gas cleaning (CO2)
  • Cleaning of oxygen-poor gases
  • Available for low- and high-pressure processes (> 25 bar) as well as for underpressure and overpressure

Available options:

  • CTP's high performance catalysts for methane and short-chained hydrocarbons
  • External energy recovery (e.g. steam)
  • Selective pre-separation of sulphur compounds
  • Hot bypass