Selective Catalytic Oxidation RecuNOx

  • Best injection and distribution of the reduction agent
  • Space-saving design

The SCR systems of The SCR systems of CTP are used in industrial processes with small to large raw gas volumes with low to high NOx-concentration. These systems are also suitable for increased particulate content.

Features of the SCR:

  • High to highest cleaning efficiency of the SCR catalysts (> 99.9 %)
  • Low reaction temperature
  • Residue-free reduction of the pollutants to N2 and H2O
  • Optional use of thermal energy at high nitrogen oxide concentration
  • Minimal ammonia slip through an accurate and fast control unit
  • Resistant and robust catalysts

Available options:

  • Free choice of the reduction agent (ammonia, urea)
  • High temperature particle filter
  • Heat recovery