Selective Non-Catalytic Oxidation VOCNOxTherm

  • Specially designed injection lances and distribution system
  • All-in-one: Simultaneous abatement of VOC and NOx

The VOCNOxTherm system combines excellent VOC cleaning efficiency with NOx reduction. In several applications the VOCNOxTherm saves on the need for an additional and complete SCR system.

Features of the SNCR:

  • High VOC cleaning efficiency (2-bed systems VOCNOxTherm > 98 %, 3-bed systems VOCNOxTherm > 99 %)
  • NOx reduction up to 50 %
  • Possible retrofitting of an existing CTP-AutoTherm system for nitrogen removal
  • No consumable catalyst
  • High particulate allowance
  • Integrated static mixers

Available options:

  • Free choice of the reduction agent (ammonia, urea)
  • Online bake-out
  • Automatic washing-out
  • Heat recovery